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Apr 12

Best Types of Driveways: Asphalt, Concrete, or Pavers? Costs, Lifespan & Maintenance

It's possible that you are deciding whether to use concrete or asphalt when it's time for your driveway to be resurfaced or replaced. There are other options available, including gravel and driveway paving. It is important to take into account several factors when comparing driveway options, including concrete vs. asphalt, and other driveway materials.

You need to consider a few factors before making an informed decision. It is important to think about cost, maintenance, and durability. It is also important to consider the beauty of your driveway paving Chesapeake VA.


  • Asphalt Driveways


Asphalt driveways are very popular. It is possible to keep asphalt driveways looking great if it is maintained properly. Asphalt can also quickly become dirty if it's not taken care of properly.


The Price of a Driveway


Asphalt driveways average about $830.00 in the United States. This calculation assumes a driveway of 600 square feet measuring 12'x50. Costs will increase if the driveway is constructed on slopes, curves, or across water bodies.


The average life expectancy for a driveway


Concrete driveways are more durable than asphalt ones. The lifespan of your asphalt driveway will be affected by the weather. The freezing and thawing cycles of asphalt can be more severe in areas that are snowy than those in sunny places.

Regular maintenance is necessary to prolong the driveway's life expectancy.


Keep the Driveway Clean


First, ensure your driveway is well-drained. This will stop the soil from eroding.

After the driveway has been completed, you will need to seal and fill the cracks.


  • Concrete Driveways


Concrete driveways can be a great option for many people. Concrete is durable and requires little upkeep. Concrete driveways cost more upfront than other driveway options, but they will last for many years with lower upkeep costs.


The Price of a Driveway


Concrete driveways tend to be more expensive than asphalt. However, they are less expensive than pavers. On average, a 2-car driveway costs $3,000.00


The average life expectancy for a driveway


A concrete driveway that is well-constructed will last for at least 30 years.


Keep the Driveway Clean


You should avoid driving on your concrete driveway for at most 7 days after it's been laid. This will ensure it stays in good condition for a longer time. Concrete sets and hardens slowly so traffic will not be allowed to pass it for more than a week.

Keep heavy vehicles from concrete after it has set if you can.


  • Driveways of Gravel


Gravel driveways have a low price and are very popular. Gravel driveways will retain their aesthetic appeal if they're maintained by being graded and having the stones topped up regularly.


The Price of a Driveway


Gravel driveways can be the most economical. Actually, the most expensive part is actually the initial preparation to ensure the gravel drains well and is level.

After the surface has been prepared, gravel delivery costs around $800.00. Homeowners can save even more money by laying the stones themselves.


The average life expectancy for a driveway


Gravel can't last very long if not topped up frequently because it is made of many loose stones. It is also possible for it to "leak" into your lawn. Regular maintenance will ensure that your gravel lasts a long time. Gravel won't crack or sink like concrete and asphalt.


Keep the Driveway Clean


Gravel does not require additional stones, unlike other materials. This is the most difficult maintenance task that you will face. A low barrier can be installed between your driveway, and your yard to prevent this.



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