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National Zoo & Aquarium

Aug 19

About National Zoo & Aquarium

The National Zoo and Aquarium is a privately owned 47-acre zoo that has been operating since 1936. The newest expansion, which opened in May 2017, 12 ha (30 acres) of open range exhibits provides more opportunities for visitors to get up close with our animals! The National Zoo is located at the western end of Lake Burley Griffin, next to Scrivener Dam, where it enjoys scenic views from its veranda overlooking lush forests as well water creatures bustling below in the midst of their natural habitat.

The National Zoo and Aquarium is a combined zoo and aquarium. It houses both Australian-endemic species as well as introduced ones such as big cats that can be found in Australia's largest collection of them all - till recently, anyways! The institution also runs many educational programs for visitors, which help improve their knowledge about wildlife conservation or how it should go down if we ever want this planet to continue sustaining life on Earth.


What to do at National Zoo & Aquarium

The National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra is a must-see for any animal lover. With its incredible range of native and exotic animals, this zoo has something that will fascinate you! You can even pat cheetahs or feed penguins while at the same time getting acquainted with some meerkats who live here too - what more could anyone ask from their day out?

Zooventure tours are the perfect way to get up close and personal with some of nature's most fascinating creatures. You can go on an interactive adventure dealing with all sorts of animal encounters, or stay overnight in one our beautiful guesthouses!
A great time at Jamala Wildlife Lodge await those who choose this option - it has everything from rooms for single guests like yours truly (sleeping alone does not sound very enjoyable) right down through family units looking forward towards more adventurous vacations together; there’s something here everyone will love.

Zoo and aquarium

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