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Garie Beach

Aug 31

About Garie Beach

Garie Beach is a beautiful sandy beach located in the heart of Sydney. It's one among eleven otherworldy locations that can be found within Royal National Park, also making it one with three patrolled beaches and two surf clubs.

The iconic Garie Beach is a must-see for all visitors. It's accessible via the scenic and windswept road, or you can enjoy an easy walk along its flat stretch of white sand beach! There are no public toilets but if that doesn't bother your digestion, then make sure to check out our safety centre with surf lifesaving equipment on display as well as other interesting attractions nearby like Pacific Bay lagoon, where turtles come when it rains heavily (although they're not very happy about being trapped). For those looking after their health, there’s also plenty within walking distance, including eateries catering specifically for organic produce.

Garie beach

What to do in Garie Beach

The clear blue water and smooth waves of Garie Beach make it one family's dream beach destination. The calm waters of Garie Beach are a popular family beach destination. The waves here can be incredibly strong, but they're perfect for beginners who want an introduction to surfing without having their skills knocked out by more advanced swimmers!

If you are looking to spend a day at the beach, Garie Beach is perfect. You can enjoy a picnic and swim in its crystal clear water or go fishing off of one side while watching whales dance through their natural habitat on another!

The perfect place to spend a summer day is right around the corner. Get your picnic basket and gather up all of those who you want with for this once-in awhile experience at Garie Beach in Royal National Park's southern end!


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