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West Head Lookout

Oct 8

About West Head Lookout

The West Head Lookout offers a magnificent view of Sydney, which many consider the best in this area. From here, you can see all that makes up our beautiful city-from watery shores and lighthouse-marked headlands down below as well as beaches along Australia's central coastline right up against Broken Bay on one side or picturesque views across Pittwater Park, otherwise known for its abundant wildlife.

The West Head Lookout is a stunning spot to take in the natural beauty of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. It's located just 45 minutes from Sydney, and entry into this preserve $11 per day for vehicles or pedestrians (with no other fees).

West Head

What to do at West Head Lookout

You can see some of Sydney’s best views from West Head lookout. You'll be greeted with a real visual feast from here, and there is so much to take in: Broken Bay on your left-hand side as well as Pittwater right ahead of us! And if we turn around just slightly…barrenjoey headland or lighthouses will come into view first before anything else does--perfect for those who want their photography experience tailored specifically to how they like it.

Located on the dramatic coastline, this spot offers fantastic views and an opportunity for you to explore. There's also a walking path with Aboriginal rock art that will take your imagination into uncharted territory!

West Head is one of the most scenic locations to take it all in. With breathtaking views across Pittwater, Broken Bay and Barrenjoey Headland, you are sure not be disappointed! West Head is one of the most beautiful places to view Sydney from. You can sit on any benches and absorb all this stunning scenery has in store for you, making it perfect even if there are no clouds!

West head Look out

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