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6 Best Stamped Concrete 

Oct 24


It might not be as easy as you think to choose the correct pattern for your stamped concrete project. Although you might be able to envision the way that you like, it is possible that it does not match your landscaping. You want your outdoor space cohesive and flowing from your home to your indoor space.


The best way to choose the correct pattern is to start small. Don't get too involved early in the process. Take a look outside at your house and landscape to get some ideas for patterns. It makes sense to extend the face of the hardwood flooring in your kitchen to your patio.


Allied Concrete can give your landscaping a seamless look if you have a stone walkway leading to your garden. Although it might take some time and require a second pair of eyes, you will eventually find the perfect pattern to enhance the outdoor space.

Popular Concrete Patterns

There are many stamped concrete patterns. You can add color or other details to make them even more enjoyable. Start with the basics when choosing a way to suit your project. These are some of the most popular options for stamped concrete.


Wood Plank 

Wood has been a long-standing choice because of its beautiful appearance. A wood pattern can be chosen that mimics your favorite wood type.



This concrete patio is seamless and makes an excellent choice for walkways or other concrete applications.


Fractured Earth 

This popular pattern is bold and seamless, with a lot of texture. This pattern hides flaws well.



This stamped concrete pattern appears like multiple-sized, randomly-shaped 

stones. The uneven grout lines will make your neighbors think it's natural stone.


Stamped concrete that looks almost like granite would be difficult to distinguish from absolute granite. The concrete's vein patterns look just like granite.



Stamped concrete can also look like brick. This is great for creating a walkway leading to the garden.