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Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial

Jan 12

About Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial

The Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial, which opened on February 6th, 2004, is a tribute to the thousands of Australians who were taken captive during the Wars of the 20th Century. The Memorial is a powerful reminder of the sacrifice and dedication of these brave individuals who embarked to serve their nation, even when it meant being far from home and loved ones. The Memorial is also a testament to the incredible hardships and challenges that prisoners of war faced, including brutal treatment, starvation, and disease. The scars of these experiences continued to impact many ex-prisoners even after their return home to Australia. The Memorial is a moving recognition of their service and sacrifice and a reminder of the need never to forget the incredible contributions of those who have served their country.

The Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial is a testament to the unbreakable spirit of Australian soldiers. It stands as a tribute to the more than 35,000 Australians who were held captive during some of the toughest conflicts the world has ever seen. Visiting this memorial is more than just a history lesson or a walk through a park. It is a journey into the heart of what it truly means to be an Australian, fighting for the freedom of oneself and others. A memorial is a place that inspires both pride and humility, honouring the heroism and sacrifice of the brave men and women who suffered as prisoners of war. It's a place where visitors can reflect, remember and heal, knowing that the defining characteristics of Australian prisoners of war were their loyalty, courage, and ability to foster a deep sense of mateship, even in the darkest times.

Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial

What to do at Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial

As you stroll through the lush Botanical Gardens, it's hard not to be struck by the beauty and serenity surrounding you. But amidst the perfectly manicured lawns and vibrant gardens lies a sombre reminder of Australia's tumultuous past. The Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial stands as a testament to the sacrifices made by those who were held captive during the war. It's a place of quiet reflection where visitors can pay their respects to the thousands of prisoners who lost their lives in captivity and could never return home. The memorial is a poignant reminder of the brave men and women who fought for their country and the sacrifices they made in the name of freedom.

The Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial is an awe-inspiring monument that any history buff would appreciate. This particular memorial is a granite wall that lists the names of all the Australian Prisoners of War, arranged in alphabetical order by surname and initials and sorted by war. 2008 this monument was declared the first "Military Memorial of National Significance" thanks to the Military Memorials of National Significance Act. With 34,737 Australian servicemen and women, along with 59 World War Two nurses imprisoned between the Boer War and the Korean War, this monument serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for their country. The long pathway of the monument is an ingenious design that visually represents the great distances Australians travelled to various conflicts. The paving's railway sleeper-like appearance recognizes the key role that railways and journeying by rail played in the lives of many prisoners of war.

Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial

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